BSc. Major in Horticulture, University of Guelph, 1978
Currently residing in London, Ontario

I was born in a small French village in Southwestern Ontario. My earliest memory is of rampant
nature and greenery in this lush and productive part of our province. These were my first inspirations, further
enhanced by my mother's ever-changing box of fabric scraps.

Through the years, my visual vocabulary has been guided by various symbols that appear in dreams, in daily life,
in my travels and in nature. In my wall hangings, all these aspects are drawn together: tension of relationship, science
spirituality, aesthetics, and the pure joy of making!


39" x 19"
Textile - Wallhanging
The Burning Bush symbolizes the energy of a spiritual presence. Its essence comes from and returns to the earth.

38" x 34"
Textile - Wallhanging
Rows of poplars as windscreens adorned my childhood, sentinels that I still find strangely comforting.

20" x 25"
Textile - Wallhanging
Christ's Crown of Thorns is thought to have come from the Hawthorn. The crown floats above, while Earth sorrows below.

907-756 Kipps Lane
London, ON N5Y 4X9
(519) 432-6202

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