Born in the Netherlands and immigrating to Canada as a child,
Pieter came to love Northern Ontario on regular camping trips with his family.
Regular trips back have refueled his love of the ruggedness
of the terrain and the quiet has fed his spiritual side.
In his work he also expresses the changes that he experiences on returning
form the quiet serenity of the north to the chaos and colour or urban life.

Pieter studied at the Doon School of Fine Arts, Ontario College of Arts
and Guelph University. His work has been shown in numerous
solo and group exhibitions, the most recent being in the
Kitchener City Hall Rotunda (with the Annual Blues Festival) and with
Simply Serendipity Art Dealers in Toronto

His work has been sold in the Netherlands, the U.S. and in Canada,
and is also in private collections in Brazil and Scotland.






All artwork copyright © by the Artist

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