Photography Projects in Progress
1) My Two Nicaraguas: a documentary on how I as a traveller, and photographer, experience and see Nicaragua in
comparison with how resident Nicaraguans perceive their country.

2) Nicaraguans and Development Agencies: A Matter of Perspective: a documentary which examines how development
agencies ca affect the envirnmental perceptions of rural villagers.

3) Living City, Partly Human (with Mark Robinson): a documentary which examines the mutualisms between
cities and their inhabitants..

Stone Crow
10" x 15"
framed 16" x 20"

Carnival Dancers
12" x 15"
framed 16" x 20"

Fallen Shadow
7" x 8"
framed 14" x 18"

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Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1H 4G8
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work phone#: 519-824-4120 ext 2138
fax#: 519-836-9941

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