Benj's work is inspired by the beauty of God's creation. He works with metal, plywood and does wood carvings. His most recent works are a combination of plywood and metal. Benj's latest exhibition was in Toronto at the Sculpture Society of Canada. He welcomes commissions, both public and private.


UNTITLED, 1997, Gouged Plywood (chainsaw & grinder), height: 28"

UNTITLED, 1997, Gouged Plywood (chainsaw & grinder) height: 8'

UNTITLED, 1997, Gouged Plywood (chainsaw), each panel: 2' x 8'

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visits since Novermber 24th, 1997

42 Preston Street, Guelph, Ontario N1H 3C3519-763-6967


All artwork copyright © by the Artist

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